Monday, August 25, 2008

Call me Grace...

So on Friday, on the big run, I was cruising along at about the 25 minute mark, when I hit a piece of uneven sidewalk (G.D. historic neighborhood) and fell. It was a truly excellent, cartoon character slipping on a banana peel, arms and legs flailing type fall. I lay there a minute, stunned, then stood up and pondered what to do next. I thought about quitting (but I was quite aways from home, and I had to get back somehow). Thought about crying (but no bones appeared to be broken, and I'm really not that much of a weenie). So, I checked to make sure I was intact, and just kept running until I reached the allotted BTWG time.

I'm sure there's a life lesson that could be extrapolated here about mind over matter and not letting minor setbacks deter you and getting back on the horse that threw you or what not. But really, it wasn't a make or break, dare to be great kind of moment...just a small situation where I was presented with a decision, and in the moment, I was proud of myself.

Plus, I've been looking pretty hard core with scrapes and bruises all down the left side of my body. Why the left side? Because my IPod was in my right hand, and I have my priorities:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soon I'll take over the world

This is not necessarily BTWG related, but if BTWG is really life, and this relates to my life, then I'll blog if I want to. It's all very Greek Syllogism (All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal). It's a deep day in blog-ville folks.

Not really. I just am feeling awesome today because I had my final day of Pilates Teacher Training and passed my written and practical exams. *whew* I still have MANY hours of practice teaching and what not, and then my teaching will be evaluated my a master teacher...but that's in the future. I'm glad to have it done with and to be able to settle into bed tonight with a nice book (instead of setting in with a "movement analysis book" to study muscle focus, breathing patterns and the structure of the shoulder girdle).

Also, my teacher for the course eats a raw food diet, so we talked a little about our nutrition "programs"and she left me with some Tahini and a bottle of Bragg's Liquid Aminos that she didn't want to pack back to California. All good things.

Also, if any of the other test pilots actually read this....could there BE any more push ups going on in our lives right now? As I type, my pectorals are involuntarily spasming a little bit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

BTWG at the ORP

Spent Sunday at the O'Reilly Raceway Park with my husband and his family. Husband and father in law both drag race (something I generally keep my distance from), and I go along with them and the rest of his family once a year or so to be neighborly. For those who may not be acquainted with the wonderment of drag racing, two cars go down the track in a straight line - either 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile, which takes about 15 seconds, max, and then 3 hours later or so, the winner of that 15 seconds gets to go down again. Repeat. During the interim hours, much discussion of cars and tinkering with cars takes place. So, it makes for a long day.

A long day that for my husband's family consists of grilling cheese burgers, drinking pop, and eating chips, trail mix and cake. So how does BTWG fit into this? Not well. These are the times when it's the hardest. Ordinarily I try to be a pretty low-maintenance gal and fly under the radar, so I felt a bit odd bringing out my little tupperwares of my own lunch and passing on everything else. Who wants to be the girl who turns down her mother in law's home made cake when everyone else is having a slice? Or already be the outsider to a close knit, meat and potatoes kind of family and then eat a lunch they all think is weird?

It's hard, what can I say. But overall it's a very small thing and I survived. And they probably already thought I was weird anyway.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Glimpse of freedom...

Been feeling pretty under the weather the past couple days...I think the husband and I caught summer colds. Still managed to complete the assigned workouts....but with a bit less intensity and markedly less enthusiasm. Fortunately, I managed to cram enough zinc and vitamin C down my throat that I am feeling better today...just in time for my "free day," wherein I am planning quite the dinner of spicy chicken pasta at Mama Carolla's. Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So to recap...

Figures, I start a blog and then ignore it for nearly a week. What can I do but try to do better? Isn't that what all this is about anyway?

Started the "new" workouts yesterday. Made the mistake of taking my husband on the interval run (instead of my usual running buddy, Neil Diamond on the i-pod). He's just one of those people who will always be in better shape than me no matter how much he sits around and says sensitive things like "I wish my metabolism would slow down so I wouldn't be so hungry all the time." By the end of the work out, I was a complete mess and wanted to crawl home, his forehead had just barely started to glisten. Jerk.