Monday, August 25, 2008

Call me Grace...

So on Friday, on the big run, I was cruising along at about the 25 minute mark, when I hit a piece of uneven sidewalk (G.D. historic neighborhood) and fell. It was a truly excellent, cartoon character slipping on a banana peel, arms and legs flailing type fall. I lay there a minute, stunned, then stood up and pondered what to do next. I thought about quitting (but I was quite aways from home, and I had to get back somehow). Thought about crying (but no bones appeared to be broken, and I'm really not that much of a weenie). So, I checked to make sure I was intact, and just kept running until I reached the allotted BTWG time.

I'm sure there's a life lesson that could be extrapolated here about mind over matter and not letting minor setbacks deter you and getting back on the horse that threw you or what not. But really, it wasn't a make or break, dare to be great kind of moment...just a small situation where I was presented with a decision, and in the moment, I was proud of myself.

Plus, I've been looking pretty hard core with scrapes and bruises all down the left side of my body. Why the left side? Because my IPod was in my right hand, and I have my priorities:)

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Chris said...

Hey Grace!

Love the road rash that I saw in yoga last night. How hard core is that? Also, glad to see you have your priorities, you saved the iPod, saved your running partner "Neil". Of course I have to suggest that had you not been wearing your iPod you might have seen that which tripped you. Then again, without the iPod/Neil, you might not have been running at all...

Jen has some road rash on her knee from a stumble she took in Scotland. Maybe I should get a pic of you hard core Project chicks.