Monday, September 22, 2008

Here's to us.

Well kids. We made it through. week left...this being "lucky 13" for those of us who really hit it hard core the "test run" week of the Project. I hope that all of you found this experience as rewarding as I did, and can also look back at yourself 12 (or 13) weeks ago and notice some big improvements today.

So's been tough. Especially at the beginning (for me anyway)... to that point, here's a little story about Carrie 12 weeks ago.

I think it may actually have been the very first day of the project. I had just bought myself some new running shoes the day before, and I was ready. I woke up, ready to count my calories and do my run and take on the world (or whatever). This lasted, well, not long - until severe diet coke and sugar with drawl began to set in. My mood crumbled throughout the day and anyone who crossed me bore my wrath. I was hungry, angry, craving nothing but a diet coke and some simple carbohydrates. I got home, picked a fight with my husband, and stomped off to change into running clothes. As I was walking out the door, Dave (bless him, the calmest man in the universe) said "I thought we were running together?" I screamed "You thought wrong!" and stormed out the door. This cycle repeated for at least 3-4 days.

Oh how far we've come. And what better reason not to regress...because who wants to go through that again? Definitely not Dave...who 10 years from now will still be using what a bitch I was the first week of this project as argument fodder.

My fellow test pilots, you are awesome.

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